Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow fun!

Well, Thanksgiving was great. We had a wonderful family meal at my aunt's house and it was perfect. I hope it is a long time before I have to be in charge of the entire Thanksgiving meal! Hallie and Bryce loved their week with Nonna and Papa but were so glad to get home and play with all their toys. I had the house so clean and it was demolished in about ten minutes. I sat in the floor and acted like I was crying and saying, "Oh my house was so clean and nice now look at it!" Bryce came up to me and laid his head on my shoulder and said, " I'm sorry, mamma." I did not care from that moment on. I was so glad to see my babies that the old mess was welcomed. It was tough to go back to school after the nice break but we survived PLUS we didn't have to go to school today!!!! All of our schools were cancelled! I was the most grateful because I was not ready for a test that was scheduled! We received around 6-9 inches of snow but the drifts are easily three feet deep! Last year all we had were snow flurries so this was the first time for Bryce to play in snow. He loved it but got cold fast. He cried when Hallie threw a snow ball at him and it was all over after that. Scott had just as much fun as the kids. Copper, our dog went nuts running all over the yard. What a wonderful winter surprise! The picture of Bryce was as soon as we went outside so he is amazed and happy. Look closely at his ensemble. Blue windpants (over corduroy jeans), wind jacket, his mother's pink gloves, and a brown hat! Poor kid, who dressed him? Scott was in charge of dressing Hallie. She matches a little but has about twenty items of clothing on so she looks like she has a little body fat! She fell as she was climbing on a kiddy picnic table so she looks like Santa Clause! I laughed and started singing "Santa Baby." We had so much fun and it is so nice to be home as a family and not have to worry about anything! I think I feel a nap coming on. Hope everybody else had a little fun in the snow too!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Free at last

It is Thanksgiving week and my mom took the kids for the week! WOW! Scott and I still have school Mon. and Tues. but it will be so good to get stuff done! It has only been 12 hours since I have seen them but I already miss them. My life revolves around them as well it should. I'm not sure where to start or what to do without Bryce hanging on my leg and Hallie's little questions in my ear. I am so blessed to have such good kids...most of the time. Mom however may need the prayers this week. I don't know if she realizes what she signed up for. The only other time she has kept both at one time was Labor Day weekend. This time is longer and Bryce is into more stuff. Wish I had a web cam to watch and laugh at all the chaos. I have NO worries about Hallie. She is the best kid ever. She almost always obeys, uses her manners, and does what you want her to. (with the exception of what she wants to wear) Bryce on the other hand, does nothing you want him to, has few manners, and says "no" to everything. Example: "Bryce do you want a bite of food?" His reply, "no" as he opens his mouth. He can charm his way into many things. He has learned that saying "PWEASE" gets him almost everything. It is so cute and he refused to do it for so long that we love to hear him say it. Also, he told me "Wub ooh" (I love you) for the first time yesterday before I left. I had tears in my eyes. The boy knows how to wrap me around his little finger....kinda like his daddy.
Anyway, I am going to miss the little ones for a few days. I hope they don't wear my mom and dad out too bad. I'm sure I'll have stories for everyone soon.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Awake past 10:30

What am I still doing awake....oh yeah, I am supposed to be studying. Of coarse I waited last minute to start studying for this test in the morning, partly because I was studying for three other exams! I am a little wired from the decongestant pills I took earlier and I just finished my 12 page "study guide" I typed up. When is Thanksgiving break? I told Scott he needed to take off work to be my first patient and he raised his eyebrows and asked if I could practice on the dog. What confidence he has in me! I am loving school. My classmates are very controversial at times but what do you expect from 28 women confined in one room everyday together. Most of them are under the age of 20 and I have found them to be quite reviving. I have forgotten what it is like to be young and fun. I feel so old (although I am very young) with two kids and married to an old man...just kidding. It feels good to act like a 25 year old and not an old married woman who has no life. I haven't changed my lifestyle just my perception. I even bought a cute trendy vest the other day to show off my figure! (well, actually my mom bought it but that doesn't matter) What was it like to be skinny, single, and carefree? I do have to admit that I would rather be an old married mom than a single girl. I have such comfort and love with my family but I still want to feel young and attractive even if I have spit-up on my shirt and poop on my jeans. Yes, poop... it has happened frequently recently (Bryce's or the dogs for those who need clarity)
Anyway, my point is that it is good to be around these sweet girls...if we don't kill each other first.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Halloween

Just posting a couple of Halloween pictures. It has been between 30 and 40 degrees at night lately so we bundled up before going out. Hallie was very polite and enjoyed walking around the neighborhood. Bryce caught on fast and LOVED the candy afterward. He'd say "TREAT!" at each house. I guess "trick or treat" was too complicated. It was so fun to all go out. Hallie was the little mermaid and Bryce was Superman incase you couldn't tell. Hope everybody had a good Halloween. I put the picture of Bryce crying because I think its funny. I promise we didn't torture him....unless you consider making him wear his sister's hat is torture.

Happy Birthday Hallie

Happy (Late) Birthday Hallie! This is a little late but we've been busy with parties, travelling, and Halloween. Hallie had a great birthday. She is the big five now. We had a little family get together at Mr. Daddy's (Gatti's). We had our own party room and it opened right up into the game room. It was great! Most importantly.....I made her cake!!! I'm SO proud. Didn't I do good? It was so much fun to figure out. Barbie's legs were too long so they go the chop but other than that it was easy. Hallie mostly got Barbie or Ariel Little Mermaid stuff. She was so excited and was quite the guest of honor. She thoroughly enjoyed her cousin Brayden and Bryce soaked up all the grandparents. No matter how old she gets, she'll always be my little girl.