Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hallie's birthday

My baby girl turned six on October 19th. Yes, I am just now posting about it. It was a good weekend. Bryce and I were sick as ever. He had pneumonia which was scary but we weathered through it and Hallie had a wonderful time with her family and friends. We partied at Mr. Daddy's (she still can't say Mr. Gatti's) and I had a fun time making her birthday cake as usual. When she told me she wanted a unicorn cake my heart sank but I found a fairly easy recipe and she loved it! She is so big and prissy! She is still just as skinny as ever and is one of the tallest kids in her class. She was hoping for a throne for her birthday but may be asking Santa for it. Who would have thought this princess wanted a throne!!! She got lots of Barbie Island Princess things and watches her new movie weekly. I can't believe how grown up she is getting. I love spending girl time with her but I sure do miss my baby bear!


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