Monday, October 23, 2006

Good weekend

Well, I have not had the chance to download Hallie's FIVE YEAR OLD birthday pictures yet but they will be coming soon. We had a great weekend celebrating her birthday with family. She is spoiled and I am glad. She uses the excuse, "I'm a five year old" for just about everything. The day of her birthday she was running fever and throwing up but she made a good recovery for the weekend. The kids enjoyed all of their grandparents and they loved the fact that their cousin, Brayden was here. He is great with both Hallie and Bryce and will be a good big brother when his twin little brothers arrive in about 6 weeks. Scott and I have lots of school work to catch up on since we were busy over the weekend but it was well worth it. Tommorrow I start practicing on cleaning teeth on the girls in my class!! I am so excited...hope they don't bleed too much. I am doing good in school so far. I am good at memorizing material for tests. Lets hope I can memorize it for at least two years. Scott was a great little handy man (with the help of Papa Bobby) on Sunday. He repaired a hole in the wall, retextured it and repainted it a lovely purple. Actually all he did was paint but I am very happy there is no hole in the wall. (It was from having to replace all of our hot water lines.) Anyway, the picture is of us at the beginning of football season. Go Rebels! Stay tuned for Hallie's b-day pictures.....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A look back

My babies are growing so fast! These are pictures of them last year in October. Time goes by so fast. I have been so busy that I haven't blogged in a while. As we speak, I should be studying but wanted to update everyone. School is going ok. I am so happy to be in the program! I really have to work hard at studying and still should be working so much harder. Scott is enjoying school too. He has a really good JH team. Hallie and Bryce are doing better in daycare (other than being sick every week). Hallie has made new friends and is learning good and bad things from other kids. Bryce hangs out with the two year olds. That is the only room that he was happy in. I think he says about three new words a day. Today he said, "touchdown!", "breakfast bar" (you can tell what he eats for breakfast on the go), and "bean bean" (green bean). If anyone has a spare prayer, keep our health in mind. So far in two months we have had: upset stomach twice, sinusitis 2-3 times, pink eye, Fifth's disease, and now we are sharing sore throat! Bryce is on antibiotics and Scott and I are doping up on vitamin C and avoiding kissing Hallie. If I can survive the microorganisms that my children play in, I will survive my boards for school!
We have not found a church home yet. So far, the weekends have been devoted to recooperation and catch up time. I feel really bad that we haven't made it to visit churches but I promise to make a worthwhile attempt when everyone in the fam is healthy.
We visited Lubbock last weekend and it was so good to see everyone. I miss everybody so much and we got to go to church and see even more people. Scott and I really needed the long missed hugs and care. Since Bryce was running fever, we didn't get to hang out much with anybody but I got to see my mom and dad spoil the kids which is always great. I also got to visit my grandmother. She is not doing very well at the moment. She is in a nursing home and having some bad arthritis pain in her lower body. It was very hard to leave her. I wish I could have comforted her (and my mom) more.
We made it back home Sunday afternoon only to realize I left the only two pair of jeans that fit me in Lubbock. The rest of the jeans I own are either too big or too little. Guess I have to lose weight or buy more.....shucks!
Now it is on to more crazy schedules... three weeks until Hallie turns FIVE! two more months without insurance, three more months until Christmas and Carlee's twins arrive! AND.... one year, eight months until I am done with school!!!!!!! (hopefully) Whoooo-hoooooo! Smile for me baby and let me clean your grill!!!!