Friday, July 28, 2006

Our new home

OK. This is the new condo. We are making slow progress. I need desperate help in decorating....I am proud of my decorations in the kitchen. You can't tell by the picture, but it is painted light blue with all of my red decorations. The living room/office is a nice size and needs the most attention. Our infamous purple bathroom is growing on me. I found a pretty shower curtain and mirror so it is looking better. (Thanks to Bryce it is always decorated with toilet paper.) After all the housework inside, we have several project for outside. I would love to work on flower beds and Scott wants a nice yard.....maybe next year. So now that we are here to stay, we plan on visiting a church this Sunday. We also have found out that Hallie is not qualified for pre-K here so we now will have TWO children in childcare or private school. I am very excited about school but it is so hard to put my babies in someone else's care all day long. I will see them on average of 3-4 hours a day Monday through Thursday. I am sure there are tears in the future. I have been so blessed to stay home with my children most of the time in the past. Please keep us in your prayers as we still have many changes to adjust to. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Please come visit us!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Losing my name

We have officially moved! The chaos has not been too bad...until I could not remember my screen name! I can remember my passwords but not my name! It about drove me mad until I found a small piece of paper in the bottom of a box with the information I needed. Whew! Hallie and Bryce have been really good the ENTIRE time with a few exceptions. Hallie gets excited over each new change. She really likes to help and is really a sweet child until Bryce interferes. Bryce on the other hand is happiest when he is destroying. He loves to unpack boxes. He has developed a new love for unwinding the toilet paper roll and playing in the toilet. We have to keep the bathroom door shut at all times. I will post more later. I just wanted to send a quick update.