Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer update

Hallie at dance camp. We got to observe on the last day!
Me relaxing with Jessie and Jamie. Notice there is no time to put make-up on when twins are around!
We were about to go to a park and snapped this pic.

As you can tell, Bryce is quite "cheesy"

Everyone had blue mouths after Bryce's birthday cake!

Teagan, Hallie, and Jaelynn. The Davis princesses!
My little fish!

Scott and Bryce on the trampoline with the sprinkler under it! LOTS of fun! Bryce and Scott have the same "coaches" tan (aka. farmer's tan)

My girls! Sarah, Bridgett, and Kerri at Bryce's party.

This is Bryce's cake. It was a horse party!!!!

Well hello to all! We have all been so busy this summer and I still have so many things I want to do that I don't know where to start! Organize photo albums, mending (yes, I said mending.. more of a chore than a want), tanning, playing with the kids, traveling, studying, etc. I have officially been out of school for one week now. I had summer clinic for the first six weeks of summer. It was fun since we didn't have to have tests or classwork. I get really nervous and anxious when I think about the fall semester. I already know one of my board test dates and that makes me want to throw up! I know, I'll survive.....I hope.

Anyways, we just had Bryce's SECOND birthday party. We had most our family make the trip to Amarillo and we were pleasantly surprised to have several friends from Lubbock come see us! He is so much fun and quite the charmer. I laugh everyday at the things he says. I used to understand him when he would say several words at a time. He now tends to say a paragraph and mixes all the words up. He is almost 3 feet tall! (Hallie was 3'1" at age 2) He constantly has scrapes and bruises all over his body and most the time a snotty nose too. On the day of his birthday he knew it was a special day so when he fell and scraped his arm he came inside and said, "I fell down on my birt-day!" He had everyone's sympathy.He is still into everything and sings all the time. Right now he is singing to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin" but the words are: "Where is my swimming pool, where is my swimming pool, I don't know, I don't know!" He really is a joyful child to be around.

Hallie is growing up! Her arms and legs tend to go on and on. She has learned to swim in our pool this summer and despite all the sunscreen I lather on her, she has quite the impressive tan! She still has her trademark curls and sass that she has always had. She always asks what she can do. I remember asking this when I was little and mom always had good ideas. I don't know that my ideas are as great. She loves to have her nails and toes painted and that is a ritual now since they don't stay on in the swimming pool very well. She is quite the challenge to keep entertained. I think she will truly enjoy kindergarten next year!!! That is another sob story in itself! She went to Princess Dance Camp for a week and learned two short dances and had LOTS of fun!

Scott has been working hard on our yard this summer. He has been able to golf several days since I have been out of school. He was a great Mr. mom while I went to school 8-5 everyday. He arranged play days for the kids, helped around the house, and even cooked supper once a week! I am very proud of all the work he does for his family.

We miss our friends and family VERY MUCH! We have enjoyed Amarillo but will be glad when this next year comes to an end....or new beginning.