Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year

Happy New Year!! What a wonderful break it was to have Christmas and remember what life is all about! We had a great holiday break from school. I think I am the only one looking forward to finishing the semester. Hallie and Bryce stayed very busy. Hallie is SO SMART! She is reading like crazy! It is so fun to see her learn and be proud of herself. She is supposed to be able to read a level "C" by the end of kindergarten. She finished the semester on level "D." She is such a good, lighthearted child with the longest legs ever. Bryce is sure learning a lot too. He has learned how to get his way or charm his way into anything he wants. He is always into something and happy while doing it. He is in the process of potty training but wants it to be his idea and not told to go potty. When he has a "wedgie" aka underwear up the rear, he announces that he has a "Wee Wee." He has announced this in several public places which continues to embarrass me. Both kids have learned to play together so well lately. They would be so bored without each other. Last week they both were in the bathroom doing their business and noticed that when you spray air freshener, it makes a slick spot on the tile floor. They continued to drench the floor with air freshener til they had a desirable ice rink. It was apple cinnamon scent and I could taste the cinnamon when I walked in and caught them. This is just one of their many experiments over the break. You can't help but wish you were a kid again just so you could enjoy the fun too! Instead, I had to mop the bathroom!
Scott and I celebrated our SIXTH anniversary over Christmas break kinda... I was extremely sick with pink eye in both eyes and a severe sinus infection so I slept all day while he went hunting with my dad. He had a better day than I did. He ended up getting a seven point white tail which we are going to enjoy sausage from for a while. I feel better now and was just thankful that I was at my parent's house where I was babied and nurtured with food and sleep.
Hallie and Scott started school back while I went to a board review for school. I had lots of fun with my friends from school and even had a date night with Bobby and Carolyn one night. I learned a lot too! Now its time to get back to being busy. Everybody send up a few prayers for me in March and April for my two board exams! I appreciate each one!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful 2008!