Thursday, May 17, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

This has been my one week off between school and starting summer clinic. I have accomplished little and now that it is Thursday night, I am starting to wish I'd actually done something around here. I guess I have cooked, cleaned, and washed laundry but those don't count because I'm supposed to be doing all that anyway right? My sweet husband thinks that since it is my week off of school it is somehow his week off from helping me around the house....WRONG! I am anxious about finishing up the school year and starting my last two semesters. I've heard from all of my teachers and previous students that the semester I am about to endure is the toughest one of all. Thanks for the encouragement! (That was sarcastic). I am a little irritated that my school does not go out of their way to give me simple information. When I was applying for the ONE scholarship that I qualify for, the head of the scholarship department failed to mention that summer clinic is considered a class! I guess I was a blond in this area. I figured since I didn't go to class, it wasn't a class...WRONG. So I find out today that it is a class that I have to pay $2oo. (I have to pay to clean people's there something wrong with that?) So I have to hope that I get this scholarship for the Fall. Last semester they ran out of too! I do not get any type of federal grants because I have a degree from LCU. Dumb huh?

So enough of my groaning. The good part of my week off was getting to see family for a short visit. Scott's sister, Carlee, and her boys (Brayden, Jessie, and Jamie), Papa Jess, Gammers Kathy, and Aunt Rose came to visit us. It was SO GOOD to see them! Carlee and I had the pleasure of learning how to bargain shop with Aunt Rose while the grandparents spoiled the kids. I found a pair of cute brown shoes for $2! We visited Kohls, Target, Catos, Fashion Bug, JCPennys, Beals, Dillards, and Shoe Carnival but were only allowed to look at items that were at least 75 % off! It was great fun! I can't wait to do it again! The kids have enjoyed not going to daycare everyday too! They will get to stay home with Scott during the summer. Please pray that he has LOTS and LOTS of patience! Bryce is in the middle of potty training and he is going to have to help with the house since I'll be "working" 9 to 5. I know he is more than capable and he'll actually probably do everything with ease which will just make me mad because I can't.

So anyways, Hallie and Bryce are keeping us all busy as usual. Hallie is princess of the house. She was actually VERY offended when Brayden suggested that Gammers Kathy was a princess and they were her guards. She said, "UGH! I'm the princess!" She is a VERY sweet and sometimes sassy little thing. She is still one of the tallest in her class and is skinny as ever. I went through her closet and forced myself to get rid of all of the 3T clothes that just now fit her waist. If her pants are not self adjustable, she has to wear smaller sizes (which are too short most of the time) or we have to use safety pins to hold them up. Bryce is falling closely in her footsteps. What baby fat he had, he is running off fast. I am not exaggerating about the running! He does NOT stop unless he is asleep. His clothes are starting to drop off his waist. (WHY CAN'T I HAVE THIS PROBLEM?) He is the most affectionate child ever! When it is bedtime, he likes to read a book and likes to "huggle" (a.k.a. snuggle). He does not quite understand how to put things away before playing with something else. He mostly likes to destroy then run. Scott often refers to him as "Tornado Bryce". He likes to sing "hi ho the dairy-o" then make up the last line. EXAMPLE: "HI HO the dairy-0, I'm gonna color brown" or "Hi Ho the dairy-o, I wanna eat some cheese." The possibilities are endless and so is the song. He makes me laugh a lot, and makes Hallie roll her eyes a lot.
Scott is doing good. He is looking forward to swimming this summer with the kids. He thinks he is going to teach the kids to play golf but I think he's crazy. How much do you want to bet that he takes naps with Bryce every day?

Well, time to get a little more busy before "work" starts next week. Here are some pictures of the kids. Love you all!