Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I am still alive

Well...the week is half way underway and I am still excited about being in school. I feel so priveledged to be only one of twenty-eight students selected for dental hygiene. I have spent more money in the last few days than I have ever owned. At least I don't have to open my own practice when it is all said and done. Our first day was crammed with information on what things we needed. We are starting to learn that the building is cold all the time. We all wear jeans and sweatshirts. My "big sister" at school gave me a blanket for class! I am very excited to be here and do not mind the early mornings just yet. Taking the kids to daycare is of coarse the hardest part of the day (which I anticipated). I cried so hard that I did not have much make-up on for the day. Bryce held onto my shirt and cried, "mamma!" Hallie just hid between my legs and said nothing. They both did better today. I am sure they will have great days and bad days.....don't we all! So for now, all I have to do is read and get ahead of schedule. I will be contacting you guys in about six months for cleanings! I know where you live! After school, I have picked up the kids early and kissed them until they hollered. Hallie said,"Why did you miss me so much?"
Other than school, our weather is crazy! It has rained every day for the last week. Last night it rained THREE inches in 20-30 minutes. We had flooding everywhere, cars were floating down the streets. The interstate was closed! and sadly a 17 year old boy died in a fast flowing current. I walked outside to get something out of my car and I felt like I was living in another part of the world!
(Funny Hallie moment: She said, "You know, someday, I will have crazy hair and I will say 'where did I get this stuff. It's nuts!' ....but for now, it takes me where I need to go.") Now picture her saying that without the pronunciation of her "R"s. - And that is why I missed her so much!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wonderful Chaos

The wedding was beautiful. Amber looked like a princess. Hallie did too! It was so much fun to get all dressed up, have our hair done, and even get pedicures! The ceremony was short and sweet. I walked down the aisle only to hear Bryce say, "Mamma!" over and over. His little voice was so excited since he had not seen me all day. He got distracted once my little princess came down the aisle. She dropped one flower petal at a time and still had a huge basketful to hand out to everybody after the ceremony. Scott did not get to see much of the wedding. Bryce would not stop hollering "mamma." I am so happy for Amber and wish her the best.
The rest of the weekend was more chaos. My car's air conditioner quit and took a couple of days to repair....long story short- it was covered under extended warranty. (Thank you God for watching over me.) My mom and dad moved houses on the same day as the wedding. I was not much help. Scott helped when he wasn't playing golf! (I do not think he was thinking clear when he made those plans.) The kids and I stayed a couple of extra days to help unpack. Bryce is good at it. It was good to be back "home" even though it was a new house. (My parents lived at their old house for almost 29 years. ) Good-bye old home. I'll miss you dearly!
We are now back at our home and preparing for school. I start school Monday. Scott is enjoying his new school. It is very nice and new with lots of work. This will be a tough year on us all.....exciting but tough.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

One thing I love about blogs are the pictures. My camera has decided to not work so I decided to look at old pictures and this one makes me laugh every time I see it. Hallie was only three in this picture. She is wearing Scott's ankle socks! (oh yeah, and carebear panties)
We are getting ready for school to start. Hallie and I are in a wedding this weekend so we will be back "home" for the weekend. My best friend from high school is getting married. I am so excited for her.
School starts Monday and we are not prepared. I am trying to work on my "to-do" list. The house has just a few decorations left to hang inside. The garage has an entire room full of stuff to organize and put up.(But it doesn't count because I can not see it.) Scott needs school clothes. Kids need school supplies. I need school money and then we will be ready! Yes, I found childcare for my babies and I cried so hard when I left. I will NOT take them the first day by myself. Scott has to be my moral support. I will try real hard so Hallie and Bryce will not catch on that I am sad to leave them. I hope they enjoy it and look forward to going everyday. I am glad we found a place for them to stay.
OK. Time for a funny Bryce story....while he was staying with Gammers Kathy, she got him occupied with a Baby Einstein video and milk (she thought) while she hooked up the car DVD player for the trip home. When she came inside the house, she could not find him. He had crawled out the doggie door to the backyard. She watched him to see what he was up to and if he would start to cry once he realized he was alone. He had the best time walking around and he got on his hands and knees and crawled back inside once he was ready to come in! He is such a wonderful handfull. Speaking of little boys, we just found out that Scott's sister is having two! We knew she was having twins but we just found out that both are boys. She already has a nine year old boy. Whether you know her or not, keep her in your prayers as she has many decisions and obstacles ahead.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Boys will be Boys

What a week! I am so tired! For some strange reason, Bryce has decided to not sleep through the night. Letting him cry himself to sleep does not work. He CAN cry all night or cry so hard he throws up! I end up patting his back, or singing to him and quietly tiptoe out of the room. As soon as I get into bed and pull the covers up, he wakes up. I get so tired of doing this over and over, I let Scott take his shift, then he ends up in bed with us. I really hope that there is a specific cause such as teething or cold. The other reason I am so tired was because we made a "quick" trip to my parents house to share some moving boxes (since they are moving). While we were there, we spent the night in the emergency room. It began around 9:00. We were having a really late supper because we played outside for too long. While we were cooking, Bryce and Hallie were playing peek-a-boo through the back of the kitchen chairs. Hallie was sitting in the chair eating and Bryce was playing behind her. Somehow, they both leaned on the chair and it fell on top of Bryce. He was in between the chair (with his 30 lb. sister in it) and the hard wood floor. He started screaming immediately. He had blood pouring out of his mouth. We finally narrowed it down to his top lip. We got him calm and he got very sleepy. Thinking he had cried so hard and it was so late, we gave him his milk and he fell asleep. As soon as he finished, he threw it all up! I was wearing fish sticks and milk in every item of clothing! We then realized he may have a concussion. Along with his very fat lip, he had a large knot on the back of his head and in the front of his hairline. Scott could not perform a concussion test on him so we drove to the ER where we waited with six other infants to get into the hospital. He did okay considering the circumstances. They watched him for several hours and the x-rays came back good so we went home around 3:00. He is back to trouble without any sign of trauma(other than a fat lip). In a matter of one hour, he has destroyed one more toilet paper roll, dug in the trash, and has ridden the dog.
He has been under the care of Gammers Kathy for the past day and she said he has emptied all of her cabinets, played in the cat litter box like a sandbox, tasted the cat food, dog food, and house plant soil. I have a feeling that at the rate Bryce goes, I will have many adventures to the ER. Thank goodness I have my sweet Hallie to balance out life! (Grandparents are huge blessings too!)