Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy Weekend

A lot has happened in one week! I am done with my first semester. The thought of being able to relax is very comforting but I am pretty sure it is just a thought. Hallie and I finished the week off by making reindeer cookies! She rolled out the dough, flattened them, added the decorations and I baked them! She is quite the little chef. She made enough to share with her classmates at school as well as enough for Bryce's class. We had lots of fun and they were a big hit! They were not sad to finish their last day of daycare until January. Hallie said she didn't even mind missing her Christmas party. We were all a little school burnt out. While they were at school I decided to spend what little money I have to get my hair done. I went to a salon school and got it highlighted. It took FOUR and a half hours to foil my hair. I had so much foil in my hair that I could barely hold my head up! They put high lights and low lights on every other strand of hair without leaving any natural hair! Time ran up and they did not have time to cut it so I had to come back Saturday morning since I had already paid for it. Bravely I went back and they did an okay job. I feel a little striped sometimes but it is better than having roots. Since it took so long, I missed taking pictures of Hallie and her class. She was one of the last kids to be picked up...which she hates. On to Saturday night, we received an urgent call from Scott's family. His brother's wife went into premature labor. They now have a "little" girl named Traeh weighing in at 1 lb. 15 oz. Thank the Lord that everyone is okay. My sister in law was only 24 weeks pregnant. We are so glad everyone is okay. God was watching over them. On to Sunday...we visited a new church. It was nice but small. It is hard going from twenty babies or more in an early assembly to being the only ones with kids in a service. My kids are good but are REALLY loud when they are the only ones being kids. Bryce sang loud with the congregation and without the congregation. Hallie blew her nose loud enough and exclaimed she still had boogers! At home, Bryce's afternoon nap was so short that Hallie and I barely had time to paint our toenails. The weather was beautiful so we all went outside and played. Scott and I finished cleaning out the garage. I can actually park in the garage now! Bryce tracked doggie doo into the clean garage and I then tracked it into the house. He had mud (I hope it was mud) all over his face and clothes and so we came inside. Bryce and Hallie had their second bath for the day. I went to Walmart to get food...we literally had nothing but a can of beans to eat. When I made it back home of dodging the weekend shoppers, I walked in the door to hear screaming. Scott is frantically looking for the medicine dropper. I said, "I bought Beaudreaux's Butt Paste" if Bryce's diaper rash is still bad." I then see the reason for the chaos. Bryce and Scott were dancing together and obviously Bryce has learned his dance moves from his father because he lost balance and hit the corner of the entertainment center with his eyebrow. He was screaming "Owweee!" This continued for quite some time and only subsided when we popped Barney into the VCR. Of coarse, I had Christmas pictures planned for tomorrow but they will just have to wait. (I included the pitiful picture of Bryce watching Barney on the couch.) I finally unloaded groceries and made supper...breakfast actually and now am sitting down now that the kids are asleep. Have I mentioned that I do not have to go to school in the morning!!!! I should probably go to bed at a decent hour just because I have both of my kids at home tomorrow. I know this week will be just as crazy. The kids and I are traveling "home" to visit my parents and then are traveling to see Scott's sister whom just had preemie twins! Christmas is after that and I may not blog for a while....we'll see. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.