Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It will get better

Just a quick update for everyone. School is ok. I am supposed to be studying for a couple of exams right now. We had an amazing and much needed Labor Day weekend. We went to float on the Comal and Guadalupe river with several of our friends. The weather was perfect and the sleep was great. Previous to the weekend, we had been up all night for three nights with Bryce and Hallie. Bryce had some sort of stomach bug and then he came down with Fifth's Disease....only to give it to Hallie. He also was working on cutting SIX teeth (including four molars) Needless to say. It was great to get away and have several consecutive hours of sleep. Now we are back home and getting into the routine again. I am recovering from Fifth's Disease and now have a sinus infection from ****. I still can't shave my legs due to the remaining rash on them. All I can think of is hugging my friends goodbye as they promised me, "It will get better. It will get better." Kerri, Are you sure it will get better?