Friday, March 23, 2007

Good week

Well, first week after spring break wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be. We were all tired and cranky but we survived! Spring break was good... Carlee came to visit and we got to love on her and all her boys. They are 4 months old and only one of them is as big as Bryce was when he was born! Speaking of Bryce, he seems to be flying past each growth stage before I can be amazed with the last. He is talking like crazy. You can pretty much have any type of conversation with him and both parties are satisfied in the end. For some reason he still does not understand the meaning of "no." He is not choking as often as he used to but he still does not know that his teeth function for chewing. He does LOVE to brush his teeth (or eat the toothpaste) but I'm going to pretend he is following in my footsteps.
Hallie is growing and changing as well, she is such a fun, excited, loving child (until Bryce is into her stuff). She loves to stay busy! She is still as skinny as she was 2 years ago but tall as ever! She has her "Big Girl Attitude" which requires adjustments every week but she is pretty quick to say "yes, mam" and be good. I do not get to spoil her as much as I used to so we both cherish our time together.
Scott is doing good. He is busy as usual and counting down the days til school is out.
I am doing good too and will get into more detail later. The children's bedtime is calling and I am needed so I will update more later!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Dental check-up

Long time no blog. I've been quite busy and was reminded that I actually have friends that want to be updated!

As you can tell by the pictures, Hallie has been initiated into my world. She had her first dental appointment last week and did great!! I was so proud of her. She even sat still through a series of x-rays. Her teeth were clean and shiny and she smiled at everyone on the way home. Her permanent teeth are quite crowded looking so I am hoping that when her jaw grows, some of them will straighten out a little. If not, she may need braces like her mother did! I have enjoyed school so much and cleaning teeth has been a whole new learning experience. Every patient is different and influences me. Hopefully I have some impact on them as well!

The picture of Bryce was taken after school one afternoon. I think he was having a great time with ranch. It is kinda hard to tell. He is constantly busy and keeping me going. I have started to catch him talking to himself and playing "out loud" with his toys (pretending). He is learning how to be dramatic like Hallie, like mother. He was forced to spend quality time with his father after I caught him trying to put a pantie liner on.

Hallie had grown up so much and becoming such a lady. She rarely surprises me. This past weekend she informed Scott that she knew why God gave us fingers. "To pick out eye boogers! And to pick up things." How right she is!

We are doing good but we miss our friends terribly!!!

Hope everyone else is doing good. I love you all!

I'll leave you with a little dental wisdom: Do NOT let your children drink after you or anybody else especially if they have cavities. Cavities are formed when certain bacteria are present in the mouth. I guess you could say that they are contagious! If the child takes that bacteria into their mouth and has the right pH and sugary environment, the child is more prone to cavities! I know that impresses all of you as much as it did me.