Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tribute to the Thompsons

We will miss ALL of our friends. However, we have lived 1 block from Joel and Kerri for 4 years. Scott and Joel have been best buds for 13 years! There are not words or tears to express these friends of ours. Here is an attempt:

Top Ten Reasons I will miss Kerri:
  1. Stroller walks and talks with the babies
  2. Borrowing ingredients when the grocery store seemed too far away
  3. Crafts together
  4. Long no point phone conversations (we will still have these)
  5. Calling to just say "Good morning, what are you doing today?"
  6. Complete understanding when our husbands were home late from working together.
  7. Watching girly movies together or sharing rented movies before they are due.
  8. Attending sporting events together and talking more than watching.
  9. Sharing clothes.
  10. Watching her spoil my kids.

Top Ten Reasons Scott will miss Joel:

  1. Late night ESPN and coffee
  2. Two words. "Ah-Ay"
  3. Teaching and coaching together
  4. Taking turns driving to town to see "the boys"
  5. Keeping each other awake on the JV/JH bus
  6. Venting about how bad our teams were
  7. Showing each other the dumb things kids put on tests
  8. Golf and all the shenanagans that go along with it
  9. Getting songs stuck in his head on purpose daily
  10. See #1 and add that one song from the SOUTH PACIFIC

Thanks for the memories. We will miss you too Molly! Bryce says, "MO!"

The Big Question

When are we moving? That is the big question. Answer: I THINK we should close on the house July 14th. We found another house we like since the first one was going to be too much work. It is small but nice and we are excited about it becoming "home." Hallie can't wait to pick which room she wants! We have a lot a painting to do. The paint in the house is fine just the wrong colors. Anyone like to paint? Hopefully we can get our swimming pool set up to occupy the kids while we get busy working on the house. Scott and I are very excited to have my cousins Ashley and Megan close by. I plan on hitting them up for babysitting/distraction purposes. One of the first things Scott said about the house was, "It is going to be a good drive to work in the morning but at least it is closer to Megan." We are VERY glad to have my cousins and aunt close by especially since we are parting from my parents. We have not been very near to Scott's family so we do not have to adjust too much to missing them but we see my parents on a regular basis and we will ALL experience withdrawal from them. The (other big) question is: Who is going to miss who more? Hallie-Nonna, Bryce-Papa, or Brooke-Momma. Scott may miss them more because he can't send us over to their house when he needs a break! Hallie and Nonna are the best of friends. They love spoiling each other and they chat like two teenagers. Bryce on the other hand could care less what the girls are doing. He thinks Papa Steven has hung the moon. He runs at my dad saying "Papa, Papa," and lays his head on his shoulder while patting his back. No doubt we are going to miss them very much.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

One Year Old

One Year Old! Bryce is one and growing so fast. This is him and Scott at his birthday party. Everything was great and fun. We got to enjoy family at Nonna and Papa's house on Father's Day weekend and play lots of games at Mr. Gatti's with friends. Bryce was happy as long as we let him walk around. He goes ninety miles an hour at all times. He is starting to communicate too. He can say, "momma, dada, hadee (hallie), popper (our dog copper), papa, nonna, bite, spoon, more, no, tank too (thankyou)" as well as many animal sounds. He is quite the entertainer in the family. I thought nobody could compete with Hallie's spotlight but he manages quite well. He is always into something, tearing up something, or falling off something. He smiles at all times and is so easy to love. Thank you God for my one year old!

Where do I start?

I do not know where to start and that does not just apply to this blog page. I don't know where to start cleaning, packing, organizing, or playing. I have boxes in every room getting ready to move but I don't know how much longer we will be here so I can't get too serious yet. My mind is just as busy as my house. I am so tired yet my brain will not stop thinking about everything. I am either silently praying or making a list in my head...or making a list of things to pray about. On the lighter side, my kids don't have a care in the world. They keep me slightly glued to the floor. I'm not sure if that is because the world revolves around them or if they actually spilled glue on the floor. My wonderful husband stays calm and even tempered through it all. Thank goodness! The picture of the kids was taken while they were playing. Most of the time they are unseperable.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I did it!

I am a blogger! I finally sat down and started a blog page. Now everyone can update themselves as they please. I was trying to come up with a clever blog name but I'm not very witty under pressure. They only thing I could think of to describe me is not me at all but my wonderful husband and children to whom I belong. Therefore, mammadavis suits me just fine. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as me. Thanks to Kerri and Lisa I have been inspired.