Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WOW! It's been a while

I can't believe five months have gone by without anybody asking why I haven't blogged! Most of you probably know how hectic things have been lately! In the past five months a lot has happened. Hallie had a great Valentine's day party at her school. Her Aunt Dee Dee made her a Valentine dress that Hallie picked fabric out for. March was a lot a studying. I took my national written board the Tuesday after Spring Break so you can guess how fun spring break was. Scott took the kids to see the Dallas family crew while I studied day and night! The kids spent the last half of the week with my mom and dad. It was so nice to have a quiet house to study in but I missed my babies so much. April seemed to be just as busy with my school. It took me a while to find the perfect patient but I finally found her a week before my clinical board! I went to Wichita Falls and cleaned her teeth for two and a half hours! Now that my school is over I can't seem to do anything but sleep! I am so tired! I am happy to report that I have passed both boards and am waiting on my DENTAL HYGIENE LISENCE to come in!!! WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOO! My kids were SO happy when I told them I passed my big tests and I didn't have to study anymore! It feels so good to be done with school. Two years was a long time but worth it! May has been a little more relaxed. I found out my scores last week and graduated for the third time in my life! I have to clean my house everyday because we are trying to sell it and since I have nothing else to do, my OCD is starting to get pretty noticable again. I dust about twice a week and vacuum almost every day. Beds are perfectly made, etc. Please pray someone will buy our house! I can't wait to be near our friends and my parents again. Hopefully I can keep up with blogging again! Crazy summer here we come!


  • At 4:33 PM, Blogger Cheri said…

    Congratulations!!! I have been checking your blog for an update, but knew life was busy for ya'll.
    Does you or Scott have a job down here yet?
    Good luck with the house!


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